Attending College Online Does Have Its Benefits

The opponents of online college often argue that if one attends college online, they do not get the traditional college experience. That is true. However, it does not mean that attending college online is a bad idea. Sure, online attendance means you won't get to live in the dorms or hang out in the student union, but online college has its own benefits, which you may very well decide outweigh the absence of the traditional college experience.

You save time by not commuting.

If you were to live off-campus and attend classes on campus, you would have to commute every day. Even if you live 10 minutes from campus, by the time you consider the time it takes to park, walk to the classroom, and walk back again, you probably spend an hour a day just commuting! And even if you live on campus, walking from class to class takes time. If you take classes online, you'll spend less than a minute logging on. Think of all of the things you can do with the time you save. You could study, spend time with friends or even spend more time working to earn money and gain experience.

You don't have to pay for parking, meals on-campus, and other small things.

Things like parking, buying clothes that are school-appropriate, and buying meals on campus can add up over time. If you take classes online, you can save on these expenses. It's not unreasonable to assume you'll save at least $100 a month by not eating on campus. Some schools also charge an activity fee for on-campus students but not for online students, which allows you to save even more. College is already expensive, so saving money is always helpful.

You can more easily tailor your schedule to suit your needs.

Most colleges offer more flexibility for classes that are taken online. There may be some times when you absolutely need to log in, but most of the work can be done whenever is convenient for you. This gives you more control over your own schedule, so you may be able to work more hours or continue with other hobbies and activities you love. This is harder for on-campus students to balance.

If you want the traditional college experience, you can certainly attend college on a traditional campus. However, online college can be a good choice, too — for all of the reasons above.

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